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Things You Need to Consider for a Wedding Venue Shah Alam

There are some choices that make a larger effect than others even though every wedding-related decision plays a part in organizing your special day.  One of the biggest decisions is – your wedding venue!  The ability to set your wedding’s atmosphere is your event space which makes it essential to choose wisely for the right event space.

Don’t fret!  It doesn’t have to be much pressure creating your perfect wedding day when you have these tips for your reference.

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Criteria for the Wedding Venue

  1. Affordability

Initially, you have to give some consideration to set the budget for your wedding for all the cost involved.  It will be a nightmare if you already paid a huge amount for the wedding venue and later found out that you need to fork out another amount for other necessities.

  1. Timeline

Book ahead, you’re supposed to book really far ahead like one year before your actual date.  You must know that most popular wedding venues going to be fully booked like real fast.  So always plan earlier, do your research much earlier to get the best venue of your dream.

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  1. Date availability

As mentioned, the wedding venue is booked fast, which brings to the need for checking the date available for the places that preferred by you.  You wouldn’t want to pay for it then was told the date you wanted is not available for you.

  1. Location

In Kuala Lumpur, it is imperative to select the right location which is conveniently located by your guests and out of traffic areas if it is possible.

Some people suggest there are hotels in Glenmarie that can match the criteria.  It is not in the central city, yet easy to find.  If not, your guest might feel that it is like finding a needle in the haystack while finding the location of the hotel.

  1. Capacity

Capacity can either make or break your wedding venue.  Obviously, cramming 400 guests into a wedding hall which only were to accommodate 200 people is a bad choice.  Do ask the representative of the hotel for information like this.

  1. Theme or Style of Your Wedding

It all comes down to the personal preference of the bride to decide which type of style suit yourself.  In Malaysia, we have 3 different race such as Malays, Chinese and Indians.

Malay brides might want a wedding hall for lots of stage décor.  Chinese brides may want to do it the traditional way or the western way like hosting a garden wedding.  You can refer to the one in Holiday Inn Glenmarie.  Indian brides may like a wedding overlooking the lake and huge conference space for out-of-town relatives.

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    7. Food

Not to left out one of the important aspects of a wedding is to have great food to savour.  Normally, these wedding venues provide food testing for potential customers.  Take a day off to test the food in all the shortlisted place to determine if it is to your likings.

  1. Parking

If you already sent out lots of invitation cards, then to find out the parking spaces in that hotel is insufficient for your guests which would be a big problem for you.  Complaints would be flying past your ears on that night.  Be sure to bear this in mind.







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