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Choosing Your Chinese Wedding Dress: Bridal Shop in KL

Chinese weddings are often steeped in tradition. Thus, for a traditional finest made wedding dress, red is normally the traditional colour. Red is preferred because it is central to most of their themes. From wedding favours, invitations to dresses, the colour red always features prominently. From the decorations to the bride’s dress, red must be visible.

过 大礼 马来西亚

Southern China brides normally wear a two-piece Chinese wedding dress called qun kua or qun kwa, which is also adorned, elaborately by golden dragon and Phoenix. The dress is normally red in colour because red is believed to be a strong good luck colour keeping away evil spirits.

Choosing a Chinese wedding Kua is a very important decision. The dress sets the tone of the entire ceremony and therefore the bride should feel special and comfortable in the gown. Thus, one is advised to shop at a renowned bridal shop in KL to ensure authenticity. However, one should consider their budgets before making a purchase. With this, one should also consider alternate options, for instance, renting the Chinese wedding kua.

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Without a doubt, the number one reason to consider qun kua or qun kwa rental is the cost. It will definitely be a more affordable option than if one were to purchase a comparable gown. For some brides, the idea of spending a big sum of money for a dress to wear one time is just too hard to stomach. Renting a Chinese wedding Kua could also be an option for a bride who wants to wear two gowns for her wedding instead of just one.

Choosing the right Chinese wedding shop Malaysia is a crucial step toward qun kua or qun kwa rental. The reputation of the store owners and the duration of the time they have been in business usually prove to be of great significance. For that, at first, asking around and visiting several bridal shops in KL without making an impulsive decision is a must.

Wedding accessories and wedding table settings are a very important part of weddings. They can turn average decor into a stunning look. Simple and affordable accessories can also make it appear as though the bride and groom spent a lot of money on their wedding. This will impress their guests and create a lovely atmosphere for the day. Brides who are looking for accessory ideas can find them at numerous Chinese wedding accessories shop in Kuala Lumpur.

A wedding is a special moment, therefore, the Chinese wedding dress chosen must serve to exude this importance in the entire ceremony. Every bride should ensure that the attire chosen is comfortable so that she is at ease in all the activities of that special day.

Items to Prepare For Guo Da Li Malaysia – The Chinese Betrothal Ceremony

Guo Da Li ceremony (过大礼节日) is one of the most important events for traditional Chinese weddings in Malaysia. The event usually takes place about one to three weeks before the actual wedding day. On the day Guo Da Li, families of the bride and the groom exchange bridal gifts to signify their blessings for the wedding couple. It is also a gesture to express sincerity towards the marriage between the two families.

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In the olden days, the items to prepare for Guo Da Li Malaysia can be very elaborated because the value of the betrothal gifts is an indication of the wealth of the groom’s family. Nowadays, the list is very much simplified. As a guide, the basic essentials include the following.

  1. Dowry

  2. Dragon and phoenix candles

  3. Oranges

  4. Alcohol (champagne or wine)

  5. Auspicious seeds and grains (such as dried longans, dried red dates, dried lotus seeds etc.)

Some couples also choose to add auspicious items such as bedside lamps (a symbolism to ward off evil spirits), tea-set to be used for tea ceremony, bridal quilt and bed-sheet, basin, handkerchiefs, etc.

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