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How to choose top affiliate marketing programs in Malaysia

Choosing a reputable affiliate marketing company from other companies in business is quite hard. This decision is even more difficult due to the fact that after making your selection, you will be investing time and money, which will be taxing to your resources.

While starting with top affiliate programs in Malaysia, seek advice from qualified and successful marketers. This may sound easy but when you have experience, it is not. Below are some pitfalls you will encounter and the ones you can avoid.

Do not be quick

Do not jump on the opportunity that first comes along. Make sure you evaluate several affiliate companies. When you do this, you will end up gaining knowledge that will help you compare the cons and pros of each online business and digital marketing company to make informed decisions. Do not join any program on impulse or whim.

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High-pressure tactics of sales

Although it is hard, do not get persuaded by high-pressure tactics of sales. Approach it by wearing BS protectors and watching or listening to presentations with an open-minded attitude.

Hidden costs and high membership fees

Stay away from a customer loyalty program that requires upfront fees for you to be a member. Instead, go for the Malaysia customer loyalty program with free membership.

Your company of choice should request membership fee and provide you something in return like free training, free ads, or a free website to help you get rolling fast. Also, beware of online business with free membership but then start applying high-pressure tactics to provide you with expensive conventions, seminars, training, and other products like apparel, newsletters, and flyers.


The internet has many young and successful entrepreneurs and so is affiliate marketing. Make sure you carry out your due diligence when it comes to investigating the company. Look online or anywhere else for complaints and compliments to see if the firm has any legal tussles. Go for a clean and straightforward company.

One way of obtaining info from performance marketing company is by entering the name in the search engine and then follow it with the term “scam”.  In case the firm has been doing business for long, the search will return several things of a negative nature. The crucial aspect to remember while using this technique is that you have to take these complaints seriously. You may find rebuttals that will be of help.

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For instance, some individuals will complain about the affiliate marketing company because they could not be successful with its program but then site the program if the company as being problematic. However, in the real sense, they could be the problem. Maybe they did not do their part or wanted all things to be done for them or the business was not right for them.

There is no need of going through all their drama of complaints of what happened. If you have a way of contacting these people, you can call them and you will get the truth. Do not get info from such people as they may vent a little bit.

Schemes of getting rich quickly

You probably know this and their reputation but still, have the belief that you will get a functional one. It is advisable no to go there since it sounds too good to be as it is. The results of going for this scheme is that you will end up losing money, respect, and time, and the worst part is that you may have to get into a legal tussle. Do not go to such since you need a lucrative, legitimate business to be proud of.

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